Vasefinder Nationals 2005
First Annual

Juror's Statement

A Message from Vasefinder

Calendar for this Event:

August 1: Exhibition launched online August 25: Prizes announced September 30: Prizes mailed

Our Exhibitors (click on photographs to review):
Joe Bruhin
Richard Lang
David Beumee
Rosemary Coffman
D. Michael Coffee
Leonid Siveriver
Brian Somers
Larry Manning
Monte Colgren
Steve Mortz
Jo Robinson
Gary Hootman
George LeMaitre

Eunice Prieto Honorable Mention

Bonnie Staffel Honorable Mention

Frank Colson
Robert and Bruce Diebboll
Kin Kwok_
Scott Cooper
Carolyn Roble
Sharri Lou Casey
John Glick
George Palovich
James Yoder
Benjamin Gufford
Malcolm Wright
Laura Korch
Toni Sodersten
Peg Malloy Second Place
Kurt Wild Honorable Mention
JoAnn Axford
Janet Trisler
Peter Chartrand_
Melissa Vaughn

Joe Winter First Place

Robert Maxwell
Dick Lehman
Rebecca Morton
Bacia Edelman
John Rezner
Peg Papay Third Place
Barry Carpenter_
Bob Nelson Honorable Mention
Paul Herman
Maurice Grossman_