Dear Public,

The Vasefinder Nationals is about self-expression in the 21st Century. Forty-five exhibitors from the around the United States have been brought together for this online exhibition to explore the pottery making medium with their interpretation of the vase form. As President of Vasefinder, I am very proud of the exhibitors and the beautiful forms which comprise this show. You have challenged yourselves, you have challenged the clay medium and most of all, you have taken on the responsibility to publicly express yourselves, which is a bold and daring endeavor in what some may consider a cynical society. Always remember your creative force is a unique and a powerful thing that can bring beauty into the world and transcend minds to think far beyond what is considered standard. I have been very fortunate to connect with many of the artists through this event, and I feel very blessed. I am inspired by your design.

As with any large scale event, there are many to thank for the culmination of this exhibition. I first want to thank all the artists. Your creative will is what made this exhibition possible. I want to thank our Juror, Jenny Floch, whose work to arrive at a decision for prizes, was only further complicated because of the quality of the pots exhibited. Jenny, I am very grateful for all your work. I want to thank all the members of Vasefinder, whose support through membership is what has provided for the prizes of this event and the existence of this publication. Many of you have become active in local area support of the arts, and I commend you for your unselfish work. I want to thank my family, especially my wife Sherry, who assisted me for countless hours formulating the site and all the information entry and photography. I want to thank a few mentors whose time spent with me is why I created Vasefinder. First and foremost I want to thank Professor Emeritus John Fitzgibbon of CSU Sacramento, who showed me the true meaning of "Art." I want to thank Dr. Paul Rappoport of Temple University. My research as a graduate student with Dr. Rappoport is what led to the creation and formulation of Vasefinder. I want to thank Dr. William Stull of Temple University. Without a doubt, he is one of the most inspiring teachers in my life ever to communicate the good behind economics to help others. Lastly, I want to thank Paul Evans, author of the seminal monograph, Art Pottery of the United States. Paul Evans challenged me almost a decade ago to pursue the history of "American Studio Movement," and well, I am giving it my best shot.


Charles A. Blim Jr., President