Vasefinder Nationals 2005
Exhibitor 25

James Yoder

Chandler, Arizona

Title: Son of Polywog

Year of Creation: 2005

Glaze: Shino body and black teadust for etched design

Clay Body: Main body B-mix, neck and handles Jamaican clay

Dimensions: Height 24 inches

Artist's Statement: I discovered ceramics near the end of college education. I was majoring in physical chemistry with minors in computer science, and mathematics. I took ceramics to fulfill my general education requirements. I was quite interested and perplexed to discover how much satisfaction and fulfillment sitting in front of a wheel and creating a form from mud gave me.

Over the years I have discovered ceramics has increased my mental vocabulary from terms such as "Why", "How", "Parsec" "PV=nRT", "Molarity", "If, Then, Else" to include terms such as "form", "aesthetics", "technique" , "what if", "How-bout", "wow!" and "yippie!"

I am drawn to the learning experience; I was attracted to science because it helps me to understand how the mechanical universe works. Ceramics helps me understand and guide me in the discovery of my personal creativity aesthetics, pleasures and emotions.


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