Vasefinder Nationals 2005
Exhibitor 43

Barry Carpenter

Kingman, Arizona

Title: Untitled

Year of Creation: 2004

Glaze: Wood fired, natural ash glaze

Clay Body: Stoneware

Dimensions: Height 9 inches, Width 3 inches

Artist's Statement: Despite the fact that my artistic roots stem from a sculptural background, my current work revolves around the making of functional pottery. I find the challenge of working within a functional context to be engaging and spirited one. While having concrete parameters in which to work, I also have an infinite number of possibilities for the creating pieces that are both inventive and expressive.

The fundamental components of volume, proportion and surface are paramount to my work. I concentrate on contours and subtle gestures. I want my pieces to exude a quiet yet passionate energy. As I work, I am fascinated by my interaction with the material. I am drawn to the variations of form that are created by a slight touch or a stronger one. I strive to surfaces that compliment or enhance the forms beneath them.

My color palette and surface textures are dictated by the forms that I choose to make. As I pursue a specific idea or concept, these elements fall into place to bring together a more complete fruition of my work.

My forms stem from a somewhat manneristic sensibility. I sometimes use exaggerated components to expose a specific point or condition. While being inspired by the human form, I approach this from a cover perspective. I do not wish for my work to be overstated or obvious in its origins. I use the forms I create to explore how I define, among others, conditions of beauty, sensuality, sexuality, voluptuousness and playfulness. As I continue to define and re-define what these things mean to me, so to does my work evolve to take on new meaning.

I believe that the interaction between user and pot should be tactile and sensuous perhaps even a sensual experience. My aim is to create pots that seduce people into using them.


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