Congratulations to all of you who entered this exhibition. This is the first of its kind - a cyber-show, readily available to people interested in ceramics around the world! Also, congratulations to Charlie Blim who made it possible with his foresight and generosity. I am sure that as the years go by; this exhibition will grow and grow - with increasing numbers of clay workers participating.

I found the quality of the work entered to be high. My approach to the jury process was to first review all the slides and live with the images. Then, after looking at them again I meditated on and selected the images that were to be the final award winners. In doing so, I tried to understand each work within the context of its own style, thus trying, as much as possible, to eliminate my personal bias. Of course, it isn't really entirely possible to do that and I am sure another awards juror would have picked a totally different slate of winners. I might add that it is harder to get a sense of scale from the little images on the computer monitor than from slides, although I did view the work ruler in hand. In the future, it might be good to submit three slides, one of the work of the art, one of a detail of the work, and one of the work that includes an object with which contextualizes the size - like an egg. While most of the photos submitted appeared to be representative of the objects they portrayed, in a few instances the quality of the images became a factor in the jurying process. Particularly on the small screen, clear, uncluttered images with non-competing backgrounds make it easy to see the objects.

Once again, let me congratulate you - in my view, you are all winners in the sense of being courageous and forward looking.

Jenny Floch