Vasefinder Nationals 2007
Exhibitor 51

R. Ashley Krohmal

Delmar, New York

Title: Untitled

Year of Creation: 2006

Glaze: Cone 10

Clay Body: Stoneware

Dimensions: Height 17 inches, Width 6 inches

Artist's Statement: My paintings and sculpture are the visual manifestations of mindful movement. Process, not representation is central in my art. My work is created in the moment as a spontaneous dance. I respond to the here and now of the paint or the clay. The goal of this process is a balance of energy and control.

How do time, space, and emotion relate? The perceptions reflected in my art are abstractions of the relationships between internal and external associations and realities. They are abstractions but realistic reflections of me.

The visual results are sculptures and paintings that reflect internal and external environments through attention to color, movement and shape. Many involve earth tones and implied aerial perspective. Although the work is abstract the viewer doesn't have to understand philosophical concepts and historical influences in order to respond to it. The response itself can occur in the moment and hopefully transport the viewer to a new and, perhaps, unknown place.


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