Vasefinder International 2014
Exhibitor 131

Jeff Campana

Woodstock, Georgia, USA

Title: Blue and Grey Flower Vase

Year of Creation: 2013

Glaze: Campana Clear (blue and grey variations), cone 6 electric

Clay Body: Campana Midrange Porcelain, cone 6

Dimensions: Height 11 inches, Width 6 inches

Artist's Statement: I made this vase by throwing and trimming in the traditional way, then when the clay was leather hard, I carefully cut it apart and reassembled it. For me, a process of cutting forms in order to change the shape organically moved to a process of cutting purely for the sake of drawing lines. Beyond simply decorating the pot, the lines evoke a construction of plates, a compression and overlapping of petals. The glaze was designed to accentuate the lines while adding calming colors to further enhance the beauty of the work. As this method of making emerged during a relatively dark phase of my life, it has become my intention to make objects as beautiful as possible that hint at an underlying destructive and fractured element, hiding in
plain sight

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