Vasefinder International 2014
Exhibitor 12

Palul Rideout

Redding, California, USA

Title: Omni Vase

Year of Creation: 2013

Glaze: Multiple underglazes, surface carved & textured, multiple Gerstley Borate glazes to cone 6

Clay Body: Laguna's B-Mix, cone 5

Dimensions: Height 18 inches

Artist's Statement: I have been working in clay for over forty years, both functionally and sculpturally. After all these years I continue to go back to the classical forms inspired by the Sung Dynasty potters. This piece is from a recent series in which I am using bright colors and textures to give an additional blast of life to the art. A potter couldn't get such vibrant colors at high-fire temperatures when I first began my clay career. What a thrill to now be able to get these colors into high-temperature work that will endure for thousands of years. The message I am trying to convey with this piece: JOY!

To get a further perspective of my history and the range of my work please visit my website: WWW.PALUL.COM

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