Vasefinder International 2011
Exhibitor 88

Bonnie Staffel

Charlevoix, Michigan, USA

Title: Hand Built Smoke Fired Vessel

Year of Creation: 2010

Glaze: None

Clay Body: Stoneware fired to earthenware (010)

Dimensions: Height 12 inches, Width 10 inches

Artist's Statement: I have become very interested in primitive firing methods as there is such an earthiness to the colors and immediacy of finish. The form takes the forefront, but is enhanced by the shadows and marks of the flame. I have been able to develop a blue smoke pattern which at times is elusive, but always seems to leave a mark somewhere on the vessel. Some of my work has been in a pit fire with very strong markings and patterns, all of which are very unexpected. However, with the smoke firing. I can seem to get a softer glow that just enhances the form.

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