Vasefinder International 2011
Exhibitor 77

Bowie Croisant

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Title: Stack Vaz

Year of Creation: 2010

Glaze: Soda fired titanium yellow flashing slip

Clay Body: Slipcast porcelain

Dimensions: Height 19 inches, Width 7 inches

Artist's Statement: My case-and-assembled sculpture explores the design and assembly of modular geometric units. Forms range from duplications of detailed crystal glassware to unique geometric elements. I base many designs around the idea of function, referencing my initial attraction to the ceramic medium. Spouts, handles, lids, feet and bodies are composed with a focus on linear and planar interactions. My composite constructions take on the forms of elaborately re-imagined everyday vessels in addition to purely sculptural biomorphic and architectural abstractions.

Repeated production and reconfiguration of modular elements allows me to create and continually refine similar yet unique objects. Elaborate networks of edges and places are the perfect canvas on which to paint by soda firing. The variability of this firing process enables me to maintain an element of risk and excitement in my practice. I manipulate highly variable slips that rely on their placement, kiln atmosphere, and the application of soda during the firing to develop the surface finish. My ability to control these variables adds to the individuality of each piece.

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