Vasefinder International 2011
Exhibitor 55

Jesus Minguez

Orlando, Florida, USA

Title: Storage Jar

Year of Creation: 2010

Glaze: Natural wood ash deposit

Clay Body: Porcelaneous stoneware

Dimensions: Height 13 inches, Width 12 inches

Artist's Statement: Ceramics should not only please one's aesthetic eye; it should also comfort one's heart and liberate one's soul. My belief that ceramics should perform a purpose higher than its intended function is the simple and unpretentious message in my work. It's true function is to enhance the quality of life of the user. A vase should help enhance the beauty of the flower and not take away from it, a cup should help the user appreciate the delicate flavors of tea or coffee, and a bowl should give comfort and warmth to one's heart as he or she enjoy their favorite soup. With society's constant demand for people to move fast, work fast and live fast, more and more people loose touch with the little things that makes life enjoyable. With the help of my work, I would like to slow things down and help people appreciate and cherish life's simple moments. People, like poetry, should also perform a purpose higher than oneself. One should serve his brethren the way a cup selflessly holds and provide nourishment to the thirsty. One should provide support to another the way a bowl provides comfort and warmth to the hungry. Like pottery, we should always try to improve the quality of life of one another.

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