Vasefinder International 2011
Exhibitor 39

VIVI Ginsberg Smith

Harvard, Illinois, USA

Title: Heart, Faith, & Invisible Guidance

Year of Creation: 2010

Glaze: Blue crystalline liner

Clay Body: Stoneware

Dimensions: Height 11.5 inches, Width 9.4 inches

Artist's Statement: This piece is a metaphor for the struggle that we all face when encountering the journey of life. The baby Loggerhead turtles face a 9000 mile journey before they return to the beach of their birth. This piece celebrates their strength of heart and faith that the earth's geomagnetic fields will guide them as they swim through the ocean. Even though the odds are against their survival, the turtles forge ahead.

As humans, we all journey through life, face seemingly insurmountable obstacles in order to reach our goals. And like the baby turtles, we are all on a quest, and must rely of our strength of heart and faith in an invisible force to guide us along the perilous journey that is life.

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