Vasefinder International 2011
Exhibitor 125

Lynda Katz

Independence, Louisiana, USA

Title: The Forest Path

Year of Creation: 2009

Glaze: Celadon

Clay Body: Grolleg porcelain

Dimensions: Height 12 inches, Width 6 inches

Artist's Statement: My work is highly informed by studies in the history of ceramics, especially Chinese Song Dynasty porcelains. I love the glow of a translucent porcelain and celadon glaze. Other influences come from the local landscape. I live in rural Louisiana and in The Forest Path series the specific inspiration is the leaf litter left after a rain on the paths I walk with my dogs. Nature layers various leaves and flattens them into a beautiful graphic design. My challenge is to gracefully fit that design onto a three dimensional form. The throwing and carving processes are contemplative but I intend my work to be used as well as contemplated.

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