Vasefinder International 2011
Exhibitor 120

Enzien Kufeld

Wildwood, Alberta, Canada

Title: Raven Bottle

Year of Creation: 2010

Glaze: Feldspatic wood fired glaze with low temperature image transfer refire

Clay Body: Porcelain

Dimensions: Height 14 inches, Width 3 inches

Artist's Statement: My artistic thoughts, trying to translate it into words…

In my lifetime I cannot possibly accomplish everything that is in my head. I never wish to for that would mean my creativity has stopped.

Being an artist is not a choice for me it is who I am, clay is one release.

I prefer to work in repetition and while the intent may be the same, such as a cup, I do not try to make them the same. I throw on a kick wheel primarily with porcelain and push the limits of clay and form. I work intuitively, enjoy instinctive forms and organic surfaces, and make my work an intimate reflection of my state of mind. And though some believe it has all been done before I strive to make unique work with innovative forms, typically not very round.

Wood fire is my firing passion. To me the firing should be as creative as the making of the pot. Wood firing allows me to play an active role in creating the surface on my work. I respect its intensity and its harshness, and delight in the presence of mind required while firing; it is simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting. I love the infinite possibilities in wood firing and delight in its unpredictability, yet truthful reflection of what really occurred captured on the work's surface.

Imagery is the continuation of my creative process and use current technology as one creative tool. I use photographs, digital drawings, paintings and decals. Reacting to each piece I create a collage of imagery which flows from the unique form and wood fire surface underneath.

I indulge in constant experimentation, always searching, hoping never to become stagnant.

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