Vasefinder Nationals 2009
Exhibitor 83

Fran Nagy

Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Title: Daddy's Last Harbor

Year of Creation: 2008

Glaze: Robin's egg

Clay Body: Stoneware, Cassius Basaltic Slip

Dimensions: Height 28 inches, Width 13 inches

Artist's Statement: I am an evolving ceramist who is in the process of a career change and have made a decision to "fly or fall" to live my dream as a professional ceramist and opened Imagine Clay Studio in Birmingham, Al. After several months of building renovations, my passion for clay was confirmed when I sat at the wheel and felt guilty to be playing, not working.

I am intrigued with textures formed by natural processes, and inspired by Russell Wright's sophisticated designs and lifestyle concept.

I am currently working on a line of wheel-thrown multifunctional pieces for home entertaining, and sculptures with multiple placement possibilities.

Daddy's Last Harbor
This piece was created in honor of my father, a commercial fisherman who died of cancer. It depicts a transformational journey led by beauty, from twisted earthly turmoil into an unknown safe harbor of comfort, and peace.

It is not without fear but my belief, if I love what I do, I will succeed.

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