Vasefinder Nationals 2009
Exhibitor 65

Judy Blake

Lincoln, New Brunswick, Canada

Title: Saggar-Fired Vessel

Year of Creation: 2006

Glaze: Burnished, unglazed and saggar fired

Clay Body: White earthenware

Dimensions: Height 11 inches, Width 13 inches

Artist's Statement: Years ago, as a young potter, I saw my first burnished black pottery of the Southwest Native Americans and the blackware of Northern Mexico. I became completely captivated by the sensual beauty and surface qualities of these unglazed pots and the unpredictable firing processes used to create these timeless vessels.

I have been inspired by my love of natural beauty...the graceful, undulating curve of an eggplant, the delicate fronds of a woodland fern or the exquisite beauty of a humble seed pod. While working with clay, creating individual vessels, I strive for a delicate balance between strength of form and sense of presence. Each piece with its' simple lines and generous curves, has been richly marked by smoke and flame, leaving soft patterns of color and earthiness. Creating this kind of work, brings great joy and satisfaction in the making of the pieces, the gathering of the materials and the involvement with the firing process. My work continues to evolve as I search for ways to enrich the surfaces of my vessels.

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