Vasefinder Nationals 2009
Exhibitor 41

Bonnie Staffel

Charlevoix, Michigan, USA

Title: Alice's Tea Party Vessel

Year of Creation: 2006

Glaze: No glaze, pit fired

Clay Body: Stoneware bisqued at cone 010

Dimensions: Height 20 inches, Width 5 inches

Artist's Statement: I like to have a theme for a series of pots to satisfy my creativity. When I decided to make these big pots, I decided on the Alice in Wonderland tea party by making these pots with miniature suggestions of the function of the pot at the top, such as the sugar bowl with an embellished lid, creamer and teapot. I even made a few teacups, as well. The pots went far beyond functional, but it was a challenging and enjoyable project. This pot suggests a creamer.

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