Vasefinder Nationals 2009
Exhibitor 18

Christian D. Barr

Wildwood, Alberta, Canada

Title: Window Vase

Year of Creation: 2008

Glaze: Natural ash glaze

Clay Body: Porcelain

Dimensions: Height 9 inches, Width 5 inches

Artist's Statement: The works that emerge from the kiln are like portals allowing us an opportunity to see what lie beyond the veil of this perceived reality. Often the work that comes out of the kiln is not the same nature when it went in, and I have learned not to expect things from it but to accept it and in the case of my mixed media sculptures, to react to it.

My body of work is more about a way of thinking than it is about a process or an end product. I seem to work in a state between concept, process and material. Always acting and reacting, always questioning. Moving onward, sometimes to destinations I haven't even considered.

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