Vasefinder Nationals 2007
Exhibitor 81

Molly Morning-glory Jones

Black Mountain, North Carolina

Title: Octopot

Year of Creation: 2007

Glaze: Anagama wood ash with purple haze applied inside each pot

Clay Body: Stoneware

Dimensions: Height 10 inches, Width 10 inches

Artist's Statement: As a potter who is relatively new on the wheel, when I started making this vase I wanted to see how large I could throw out of one ball of clay, no adding. I also wanted to see how small a vase I could throw, and needed some way of incorporating the two, so I began sticking the little pots on the big one. After I was half way through with what became the first "tentacle," I realized I had begun to follow the profile of the larger vase with little pots. The flowing movement made me think of marching in line, and I decided to make them march into the distance by having them grow smaller and smaller towards the lip. When I was finished I saw that I had not at all made the piece, it had made its self using my hands and thus the Octopot was born. Now when I look at it I see it as a tribute to folk potters all over the world whose kiln yards are filled with hundreds and hundreds of identical pots lying around in wait, all the pots that are created after the feeling of accomplishment from the first successful piece. Also, each pot one makes is made from the mistakes and achievements learned from many.


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