Vasefinder Nationals 2007
Exhibitor 64

Kurt Wild

River Falls, Wisconsin

Title: Plump Birds

Year of Creation: 2002

Glaze: Cone 9 reduction glaze with metallic soluble salt stains

Clay Body: Continental clay and fire clay stoneware with iron

Dimensions: Height 13 inches, Width 10.625 inches

Artist's Statement: This piece was thrown by Bill Gossman of New London, Minnesota. I do the glazing, sgraffito decoration, soluble salt staining and firing. I much prefer decorating over throwing and that's why I have other potters throw for me. I look to the real world of creatures for my imagery which I stylize as did some potters of the Arts and Crafts Movement. I do not attempt to make work that looks like it comes from that period even though some pottery collectors have indicated that my work does. What I do comes from my own creativity. If I have a style, it is mine alone.

Kurt Wild, 4/8/07


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