Vasefinder Nationals 2007
Exhibitor 20

Gerry Williams

Dunbarton, New Hampshire

Title: Inside/Outside Form

Year of Creation: 2000

Glaze: Ash glazes with cobalt, iron and copper

Clay Body: Cone 10 stoneware

Dimensions: Height 16 inches, Width 10 inches

Artist's Statement: My "inside/outside" pots are based on the concept that there are imaginary objects found in the interior space of the pot which are then pulled from the inside and placed on the outside where they can be seen. This concept can be found in a poem by a 15th C. Indian poet named Kabir, who wrote that the space within the pot is filled with imaginary objects from our universe, including mountains and rivers, and gold and music and even stars. Kabir sensed that the most important part of the pot is the interior space.


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