Vasefinder International 2014
Exhibitor 99

Bennett Bean

Blairstown, New Jersey, USA

Title: Master #1657, Pair on Base

Year of Creation: 2012

Glaze: Semi-vitreous slip

Clay Body: White earthenware

Dimensions: Height 13.5 inches, Width 16.5 inches

Artist's Statement: There are things I think about. Presentation: how to put an object into the world yet separate from the world. That is the purpose of the black slab that is used under each piece. Another concern is the idea of control, which in my case takes the form of refusing to let the fire have the last word. Much of the work on these pieces is done after the firing, i.e. the paint and the gold. My work is accumulated evidence of my behavior, each technique having left its mark. At my age, I'm quite familiar with both myself and the elements with which I am working. So, these pieces are as much about play as they are about work.

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