Vasefinder International 2014
Exhibitor 85

Joe Bruhin

Fox, Arkansas, USA

Title: Iga Vase: Chameleon

Year of Creation: 2013

Glaze: Atmospheric ash

Clay Body: Porcelaneous stoneware

Dimensions: Height 13.5 inches, Width 7 inches

Artist's Statement: By being in harmony with the elements and forces of nature the work becomes a sacrificial offering surrendered to the flames and reborn, it aspires towards the ideal of timeless beauty. Complacency is not an option. Each firing gives information to grow from and inspires me to dive deeper, which keeps the work fresh and enables me to express with heart and spirit. My goal and ideal is to make objects of beauty that have a transcending quality which can inspire another human being, bring a little joy or add a positive presence to one's living environment. For me, working with clay and being a fire artist is a vehicle for spiritual growth and a devotion. One can say that my pots are offerings or prayers and my kiln the temple to manifest them.

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