Vasefinder International 2014
Exhibitor 79

Ken Tracy

Pineville, Louisiana, USA

Title: Bleeding Heart Vase

Year of Creation: 2012

Glaze: Clear glaze over cobalt slip

Clay Body: Low fire white talc

Dimensions: Height 9 inches, Width 5 inches

Artist's Statement: I have been creating cobalt blue and white decorative pottery for thirty four years. My wheel thrown forms tend to be classically influenced. Each pot is decorated with floral designs using the sgraffito technique. I am drawn to textured surfaces and repetitive patterns, as I am influenced by fabric design and other decorative arts of Japan. My studies of wildlife has fostered a love for the flora of my home state Louisiana. As I share my work, my desire is for the audience to enjoy the beauty of nature that enhances each piece, as well as the form and function of my pottery.

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