Vasefinder International 2014
Exhibitor 56

Peggy Papay

Tucson, Arizona, USA

Title: Soda Fired Vase

Year of Creation: 2013

Glaze: Soda fired flashing slips

Clay Body: Cone 10 stoneware

Dimensions: Height 12 inches, Width 6 inches

Artist's Statement: This series of sculptural work is inspired by the ancient world of Goddess-worshipping, Matriarchal cultures where the Goddess was the unity of life in nature, and all was sacred on earth.

Interweaving these symbols of ancient mythology and archaeology from these cultures, I create contemporary forms using images of the phases of the moon and the bird Goddess.

Each sculpture is carefully decorated with 5 to 6 layers of flashing slips, applied with brushwork and spraying to achieve the rich, complex painterly surfaces reminiscent of the ancient artifacts from these cultures of old Europe.

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