Vasefinder International 2014
Exhibitor 47

Lorraine Robson

Threemiletown, Linlithgow, United Kingdom

Title: Be Still Life - Double Wing

Year of Creation: 2013

Glaze: Red

Clay Body: High fired black earthenware

Dimensions: Height 10.63 inches, Width 4.72 inches

Artist's Statement: Be Still Life - Double Wing

I present a single, double winged, vessel from an ongoing larger series Be Still Life.

Each vessel is unique, coil built, diamond polished clay, while following a stylized bird body motif inspired by an African Hornbill carving; a historical ceremonial artifact from a foreign culture that is likely to have held status and importance. There is also reference to WWII bomb shells in the form, highlighting the sadness of wasted lives through wars. The red glazed interior is perhaps a more obvious metaphor for split blood.

I first discovered the ancient Hornbill carving in the National Museum of Scotland while studying as a student and have referred to this carving as my muse for many artworks.

In this case my vessel is derived from the body of the carving to create a single vessel form of a dismembered bird standing proud, on full alert for signs of threat, vulnerable and isolated from the protective group.

Monitoring Bird populations is used to indicate signs of environmental change and is a good indication of the health of biodiversity.

Recently many sea birds, including hardy Puffins, were washed ashore, dead in their thousands down the east coast of Scotland. This has been attributed to starvation due to a harsh winter making food sources scarce.

As with much of my work I try to find beauty and dignity to highlight hope and awareness. My birds pay homage to the many species victim to pollution, disease and environmental changes but also celebrate the miracle of survival.

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