Vasefinder International 2013
Exhibitor 97

Marcie Schwartzman

Cooperstown, New York, USA

Title: Black & White & Grey

Year of Creation: 2012

Glaze: Shiny black and altered shiny white fired to cone 6

Clay Body: Stoneware

Dimensions: Height 13.5 inches, Width 12 inches

Artist's Statement: My work reflects my interest in the ways that disparate materials complement one another. My goal is always to highlight the qualities they have in common and juxtapose them so that one makes more of the other. My clay forms are stoneware, frequently altered to accommodate fiber attachments and reflect fiber textures. I develop my glazes to unify the clay and fiber elements. My complementing materials are natural and synthetic yarns, fabrics and attachments all of which have been found, altered, and/or hand-made.

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