Vasefinder International 2013
Exhibitor 73

Trevor Lillistone

Bath, United Kingdom

Title: Vase I

Year of Creation: 2012

Glaze: Turquoise glaze over volcanic (silicon carbide) slip

Clay Body: Sanded white stoneware

Dimensions: Height 16.54 inches

Artist's Statement: I make thrown stoneware work in a contemporary style ranging from small batch domestic ware through to decorative pieces of tall vases and large bowls with more individual finishes.

My particular interest is in using volcanic slips, glazes and oxides to produce textures and colours inspired by the coastal landscape.

My ceramics are hand thrown on the wheel in sanded white stoneware clay and electric kiln fired in an oxidized atmosphere to 1240 degrees Celsius (cone 8). Vases are often fired multiple times with additional glaze to increase the depth of colour and texture.

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