Vasefinder International 2013
Exhibitor 47

Chris Krainik

Juan Les Pins, France

Title: des amours de ruperd

Year of Creation: 2012

Glaze: None

Clay Body: White clay

Dimensions: Height 20.47 inches

Artist's Statement: The art of drawing characters exists for a long time. It remains an aspect of contemporary graphism - the world of graphism use the "character" for it's dynamism, its creativity and it efficiency in business. New technologies such as CAD or 3d participate actively to its rise.

The most fascinating for graphistes and illustrators is to push up this form.

Chris Krainik rediscovered and took a new artistic direction.

She blends together contemporary graphism to the ancient art of Ceramic.

She diverts through her character, the function of usual identity, as a personification of a brand, by associating it to art.

She tries to apply through illustration, the personalization of her art by a recognizable character such as "Ruperd" explored not such as the "bonhomme michelin" or "the green giant" to sell a product but to highlight an art, a craft, a knowledge, a unique piece = a perfect blend of tradition and eccentric illustration.

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