Vasefinder International 2013
Exhibitor 8

Diane Kenney

Carbondale, Colorado, USA

Title: Etched Green Vase

Year of Creation: 2012

Glaze: Black terra sigillata, white slip, green stains, Albany Glaze and blue majolica liner

Clay Body: Terra cotta

Dimensions: Height 9 inches, Width 8 inches

Artist's Statement: I love clay and have been a potter for many years mostly working in high temp atmospheric firing. In recent years however, I have been exploring alternative surfaces for terra cotta firing. I use color and imagery a lot, both literal and abstract. My goal is to create a surface that has texture and depth, perhaps some intrigue or an element of surprise. My concern always is to start with a strong form, integrated with appropriate surface design. I am enjoying using black terra sigillata as an underlying grounding layer. I am seeking both simplicity and subtle complexity at once.

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