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Welcome to the new Vasefinder

What we offer

We’re a company dedicated to promoting and advancing American studio ceramics. With over 5,000 works bought and sold and twenty-plus years of experience in the field, we are the go-to resource for studio ceramics. We offer a platform for sellers, a free database of encyclopedic research, extensive market knowledge and network connections.

Your benefit

Our extensive experience means you can buy and sell works with confidence. You can trust our articles for accurate, detailed information that provides the background and context that helps increase value. Our finds, deals and special opportunities mean that an individual with any budget can have access to incredible artwork. Additionally, by working with us, you’re reinvesting in the continued preservation of American studio ceramics.


We understand that tastes change and new interests arise over time and we are looking for the best means to help collectors realize fair value when you sell. We do so in three ways 1) “Per Vasefinder…” – sellers can use our data base to add depth to the description of sale items, 2) objects can be posted on Vasefinder’s on-line gallery and, 3) Vasefinder semi-annual auction will showcase your pieces.


Vasefinder is built on the assumption that placing these objects in their historical context contributes to the value, appreciation and enjoyment of American studio ceramic art. We have compiled data on nearly 5,000 studio ceramic artists; displaying examples, marks, education, artistic associations whenever possible. We help you research or identify an object - or add depth and interest when selling one.

For Professionals

From our inception, Vasefinder has been a friend to the ceramic artist. The Vasefinder International – an annual, on-line juried exhibition – displays the work some of the best artists working today and at no charge to them. Soon, we will open a “Maker’s Mark” page to allow potters to publish their signatures, which will greatly assist the public in obtaining correct authorship.