Wow, what a difficult job reviewing the amazing variety of ceramic vessels presented in Vasefinder International 2014. . . . Congratulations to all the ceramists on what each of you have accomplished. My hat is off to Charlie Blim for his vision and support of potters via this venue, one that has no entry or shipping expense for the artist.

After reviewing the work, I am highly impressed with what I see. The glaze techniques range from sgraffito designs to crystalline glazes, and even a laser print. The use of wheel and hand-building methods employed to take each vase to completion has resulted in diverse and exciting forms. In making decisions about the awards, I've relied on my years of making ceramics, along with extensive ceramic research from pre-historic and historic times, to contemporary periods worldwide. On one hand, I've considered how construction, type of firing, and firing temperature used with different clay bodies flows into the finished work. On the other hand, I have looked at the overall integration of form and decoration, not only as a particular combination of materials and techniques, but also how the distinctiveness embodied within compels me to view a work as a unique entity. In addition, I have sought a balance among the many choices made by each artist in making work that takes into account the great variety among the vessels in the exhibition.

Roberta Griffith, February 2014