Dear Public,

Vasefinder has been on a long journey. And with 2014, this journey will take a new exciting direction, when we move approximately 35 miles west to Sparks, Nevada. We will say goodbye to Fernley as our home for the last 13 plus years. I want all the potters to know that everything will remain the same. Our work through this exhibition will continue with an even more vigorous approach. We hope our efforts will culminate in the building of a small humble museum in honor of the potters involved in this exhibition, as well as potters listed in our online historical museum. We are here to stay and want you to know that Vasefinder cares about every potter that has participated. I am so grateful and humbled to know each and everyone of you. Your dedication to the medium is so powerful. Thank you to all the exhibitors from the Blim Family!

I want to thank our single juror Roberta Griffith, whose important history in the medium led me to find this great friend and now awesome judge for the 9th Annual Vasefinder International. I am very appreciative of her professionalism and like the rest of the judges; Roberta spent many hours to make her decision for prizes, which seems to get more difficult every year. Thank you Roberta! I want to thank my wife Sherry, who truly loves the artists of the modern movement as much as I and without her I would be lost putting together this exhibition. I also want to say that we have a great protégé in our family Carley, our little girl, who at age 7 was very curious about all the photographs and processing on the computers as mom and dad worked on this exhibition over the holidays. I would not be surprised that she will want to start calling the prize winners in the very near future!

Nils Lou, a great artist of the Movement and friend to all, RIP.


Charles A. Blim Jr.