Dear Public,

The Vasefinder International has become a very important part of what I do in this world. It is the essence of who I am. I have been called altruistic in the past, and yes, Vasefinder has provided art exhibitions like this, where artists are never charged a fee. I have always believed that art represents freedom at its core. To take it away would mean less for a society. Recent economic conditions have taken away many things from our lives. Let this exhibition represent the efforts of one family in a sleepy Northern Nevada town to be a small beam of light in these arduous times. I want to thank all the participants in this year's exhibition; your commitment to life is clearly evident in every vase exhibited. Your work is simply awe-inspiring.

Every year, Vasefinder is blessed with a great juror. And well, I not only want to tell Robin Hopper what a great job he did as our juror, but he is a man of great patience, as the juror package for this exhibition sat in Canadian Customs for over 2 weeks. Robin, I am very grateful for all of your work. I want to thank our sponsors and the members of Vasefinder. I would like to single out one member Derek Magnette of for helping us tirelessly in the field with running down historic pots and verifying marks. Your help has been amazing. I want to thank our family friend Janice Erickson for spending a long Sunday at our store and preparing all the envelopes for this year's exhibition. Lastly, I want to thank my partner in life, my wife Sherry, who does it all and is a great mom to our little girl Carley. My girls are my rock. They keep the dude in the desert going.


Charles A. Blim Jr., President