A Better Man

I once met a potter. He contacted me because of his desire to be involved in my 2007 exhibition. Although he had an important history in the medium, he made me aware of his friends first and how their history would greatly benefit my museum research. From just his high school years, he became involved in the clay medium and worked hard at it for many years as he perfected his craft. He was also a talented musician and self-expression was what lived in his soul. Our friendship grew and grew as I had a very avid interest in collecting clay and he in shaping clay into beautiful objects. Approachable this potter was as he felt it was necessary to advise me that he was not able to partake in the V Nats 2009 because he was suffering from a very powerful ailment that took everything he had to fight it. And when he passed onto a higher place, I looked into my soul and our short-term friendship on earth as one that will inspire me to work even harder to help his friends (the potters). With this, I dedicate the Vasefinder Nationals 2009 to my friend John Zentner. You made me a better man.

Love Always,


Dear Public,

Every year the Vasefinder Nationals has been blessed with a very hard working and dedicated juror. This year Michael Cohen spent many hours to arrive at his decision, and I am very grateful for this. Mike, I want to personally thank you. This exhibition is always marked by diversity in the clay medium, which I believe only makes this exhibition a better one. Having Canadian artists for the first time in the Vasefinder Nationals 2009 was just a wonderful experience for this exhibition. I want to personally thank Dr. Richard Selfridge for asking me to include their work in this exhibition. I want to thank every potter involved in this exhibition, and I ask that you consider exhibiting in the show next year, as Vasefinder plans to open it doors even further to the world by inviting potters from Australia and New Zealand. For all the members of Vasefinder, you have shared photographs and your research to help raise the level of awareness of the medium and I am so grateful. Vasefinder has to be one of the largest families I have ever encountered that shares one goal to seek the history of the clay medium. Pottery history is truly the glue that brings us together. Lastly, I want to thank my family, especially my wife Sherry, who supports me in this work after her busy 9 to 5. I just could not do it without you.


Charles A. Blim Jr. President