Dear Public,

Almost twenty years ago, my initial research of American Studio Pottery led me to compile a historical list of two thousand names. Working in clay is definitely what brought these names together, but it was the exhibition record of each potter, which supported their history in this medium and my documentation of each through my museum research. My continuing hope with the Vasefinder Nationals is that this exhibition will provide an excellent survey of the work being created in this medium, where different approaches and generations are brought together for this unique online event. Although this exhibition offers prizes to just a few, I believe every potter will benefit from their participation because they have taken the important step to start exhibiting or to continue it through this event. I am humbled knowing this fact. For the handful of artists, who contact me every year wanting an application and then never ultimately submitting an entry, I want to encourage you to exhibit---it is essential to your career. I will publicly announce here the Vasefinder Nationals will

be open to both artists from Canada and the United States. I have come to this decision because I want to expand the work of Vasefinder with an international flair; it seems to be a natural step because of the power of the web to reach out to others around the globe.

With the culmination of the Vasefinder Nationals 2007, I want to thank Juror, Elaine Coleman for her professionalism and hard work to arrive at a decision. With 92 potters in the show, where amazing diversity is always a factor, it is a difficult process to arrive at the decision for the prizes. Elaine, I am very grateful for your work. I want to thank all the exhibitors. Your work is what makes this show grow annually and the interest of the public to take note. I want to thank every member of Vasefinder; many of you have helped me document the history of this medium, as well as financially supported this exhibition through your membership. I am humbled by knowing each and everyone of you. Lastly, I want to thank my wife Sherry, who has tirelessly helped me with this exhibition and publication. I just could not do it without you.


Charles A. Blim Jr., President