The most complex object or image selection process that I have ever done was when I received 22,000 images for 250 places in my fifth book Making Marks. It added 4 months to the manuscript production time. I could have used half of them and was greatly saddened to only be able to use just over one in a hundred. The 133 images presented for viewing for Vasefinder International 2011 took a fraction of the time but received the same in-depth scrutiny. First I went through all images twice then sat on it for a couple of days. Then I went through images twice more until I was familiar with all of the work presented. Then, the selection began - those that did, those that didn't and those that were borderline, always the most difficult to deal with. Based on a set of criteria that included Concept, Craftsmanship, Originality and Execution, I tried to be as objective as possible in making the final selection. I hope my selection fairly represents an eclectic overview of the international nature of this fine show. The benefit in this particular exhibit is that all submitted works are included for viewing; the selection was to determine the prizewinners.

It was a good opportunity to see a wide spectrum of work, many different decorative processes employed and varied firing methods. Thanks to all who submitted work to feast my eyes on. Thanks also to Charles Blim for the impeccable organization of the images that made the job in hand such a pleasure.

Robin Hopper, January 2011